“Angelita is one of the most productive and detailed accountants, I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. She is one of my most trusted advisors. She is extremely intelligent and very passionate about her work and when problems arise she executes a plan with precision and handles all task at full speed. She has a strong knowledge of finances and taxation and is quick to understand your exact business needs which allows her to offer solutions and strategies that will effectively support your business. Angelita is forward-thinking, patient, and an excellent listener. In short, she gets the job done – the first time!”


I have been in business for myself since 2005, in 2007 when I found Angelita my tax situation personally and on the business side was easily put a big fat mess!!! Angelita spent god only knows how much time getting me back on track and making me feel better about everything involved. Year after year she has been there for me, thinking she was on easy street I started working in Canada and yes they want returns up there as well. Angelita didn't actually do the Canadian returns but without her help and guidance I would probably not be welcome back, next year will be my third year working in Canada !!! Angelita has always been there for me no matter how silly the question. Angelita will always be my accountant. Thanks for everything you do


Angie has been doing our bookkeeping since the inception of our business in 2006.  She was the key person who handled our account at the firm she worked for and the bookkeeping was exceptional.  When Angie branched out on her own, we had no hesitation in hiring her to continue to do our books.  She is very professional and keeps abreast with the latest in regard to taxation and other business laws. Angie has a great attitude and work ethic, not to mention very reasonable fees.      


I met Angelita Heredia back in 2007. As an individual consultant for several years I was doing my own business and personal taxes. Unknown to me I was losing money in the thousands of dollars in deductions and tax credits I just knew nothing about or how to report. In 2007 Angelita Heredia and her firm helped me incorporate and for the first time did my personal and business taxes at the end of the year.  Nothing in my consulting income had changed, but at the end of the year I realized more than what I call a significant savings, over 10K. Through the years since I continue to enjoy these savings and when I pay her relatively modest invoices I always feel that I just got a great deal. 


Angelita is always responsive to my Emails or phone calls giving me appropriate, thoughtful and practical advice in matters of general business questions as well as personal and business taxes. With her on my side it has removed all the stress I feel through the year about taxes, especially at tax time; what a relief.  CF Advising not only has saved me time and money year after year, but, knowing that Angelita is only a phone call or Email away gives me time and confidence to concentrate on staying breast in my computer consulting niche as well as less worry saving my energy to better focus on my clients’ needs. 

Most important, CF Advising allows me to experience ‘Pease of Mind’.


I have had the honor of working with Angelita for 8 years now, personally and with my Corporation.  Angelita has tremendous integrity, honesty, knowledge and the  fantastic ability to communicate all of the intricacies of tax laws, keeping me ahead of changes in tax law and what I need to have in order to have the Corporation run smoothly in our quickbooks and in filing our taxes.  She always makes herself available to my staff for questions and is a valuable, intricate part of our company. My confidence in her is 100%. .

I absolutely encourage you to work with Angelita. You will be very happy to have a trusted member in your personal or professional tax needs.

Patti,  CEO  



"Angelita has been nothing short of exceptional since we have been using her services for the last 7 years. Being effective, having excellent communication, always available, knowing in detail what the status of your business is at any given time, are just a few of the amazing qualities Anglita has. What I love most, is when we have 101 things going on running our business, Angie will contact us and remind us if we need to know something, a new law that may be affecting us has passed, or are possibly forgetting something. She is always quick to help in any way she can. As business owners we are always shopping for bigger and better things to supplement our business, but we are so happy with CFA, it's one company we have no need to shop around to replace."