Types of Industries

Construction- Our specialized group serves a broad range of clients throughout the region who include general contractors, heavy construction, home builders, bridge painters, other specialty trades and architectural and engineering firms. Services to support your business through planning and as you develop operational efficiencies and profit opportunities are

Food & Beverage-For food and beverage industry clients, Clear Financial Advising, Inc. provides all-sized businesses a full range of services to meet their diverse needs, including financial statement reporting, tax planning and advisory support.  Our partners work with an extensive range of food and beverage clients, from well-known brands to growing and new-to-market entrepreneurs and companies, such as

Competitiveness and profitability are all top-of-mind concerns for clients and we work at every stage of business growth.  In each engagement, we bring a keen understanding of ways to increase efficiency and value in such areas as supply chain management, internal processes, tax compliance and business planning.

Entertainment- Many of our entertainment clients maintain high profiles as performers, athletes, producers and directors, and Clear Financial Advising, Inc. is proud to help them reap the financial benefits of their achievements.  We serve the entertainment industry as a trusted and longtime resource for tax, audit and business management services.

Healthcare- As the healthcare industry undergoes major changes; Clear Financial Advising, Inc. is well poised to position clients competitively and in regulatory compliance.  We work with various healthcare providers, insurers and affiliated companies.

Manufacturing and Distribution- Clear Financial Advising, Inc. engagements with manufacturing and distribution clients reflect our long-term affiliation with commercial enterprises and entrepreneurs.

Clear Financial Advising’s active involvement in the business community makes us privy to emerging opportunities and new developments, such as tax incentives and changing regulatory compliance requirements.

Retail- Technology has transformed the retail experience for customers as well as dramatically altered the business practices and operations of our retail-related clients.  We are long-time advisors and accountants to retailers of all sizes, from mom-and-pop, brick and mortar shops and Internet-based entrepreneurs to established chain stores seeking opportunities to improve competitiveness and profitability.

Clear Financial Advising, Inc.’s engagements with consumer and industrial retail clients include a wide range of tax and advisory services.

Retailers typically face a variety of issues and challenges, which include real estate and lease agreements, tax credits, inventory management, fraud prevention, financing, licensing and royalties, customs enforcement, and multistate and international tax compliance.

When working with retail clients, we offer a big-picture perspective that considers existing economic conditions, cash flow, and projections we make based, in part, on our decades of experience within business and retail communities.

Business planning is essential to retail success.  In our advisory and consulting capacity, Clear Financial Advising’s partners draw upon their vast exposure to best practices from retailers across a range of industries.  Benchmarking analysis plays an important part in the business plans we develop, as we work in concert with clients.  Clear Financial Advising’s business planning consultants effectively blend risk mitigation with flexibility and alternative approaches, which help retail clients, take full advantage of timely opportunities.

Non-Profit- As nonprofit organizations focus on making an impact on their causes and communities, Clear Financial Advising Inc. turns its attention to supporting the financial reporting obligations and business operations of tax-exempt organizations.

Many of our nonprofit engagements reflect Clear Financial Advising’s more than 15 years of involvement in the community and our commitment to people and groups making a difference. A distinct advantage Clear Financial Advising, Inc. offers nonprofit clients is the value we often uncover within their organizations.  Our goal is to help clients comply with regulations, maintain a sound fiscal foundation, and maximize the reach of donations, budgets and operations.

Media- Clear Financial Advising, Inc. serves an extensive range of media clients, including radio and television stations and groups, newspapers and out-of-home advertising companies.

We regularly address the industry-specific issues media clients face, such as true broadcast cash flow and accounting for digital revenue streams. 

Professional Services- As a professional services firm, Clear Financial Advising, Inc. has a special affinity for the needs of our professional services clients.  We are particularly proud of the diverse range of professionals and partnerships we regularly work with and the long-held trust our colleagues place in our firm.

Our services include tax preparation and compliance as well as tax planning and strategies for wealth management.  We offer a wide range of accounting support for routine functions as well as special projects, including reviews of internal controls and operations.

When advising on wealth management issues for individual professionals, Clear Financial Advising, Inc. partners provide insights and strategies into balancing professional and personal wealth accrual goals.

In addition, our partners offer advisory services to help manage partnership issues.  These may include planning for firm growth and partnership succession, mitigating the risks of dissolution, as well as establishing and maintaining partner compensation systems.  The overriding goal is to create the financial infrastructure, and financial peace of mind, to maximize business efficiency and minimize risks and disruptions.  This allows clients to devote their attention to serving their own clients and furthering their professional achievements.