Clear Financial Advising, Inc. is a full service accounting firm performing accounting, business management, tax, and advisory engagements for businesses, tax-exempt organizations and individuals. Our clients range from start-ups, mid markets, and closely held companies. Although most of our clients are local, our reach extends across the country and around the world through our network. We're proud of our clients, many of whom have long-term relationships with the firm because of our high standards of service. Most have achieved prominence in such industries as retail, technology, investment advisory services, construction, import/export, hospitality, professional services and wholesaling. They include entrepreneurial individuals and families with a high net worth/net income and their related family entities and businesses. And we're equally proud of our staff. From the beginning, we've empowered our professionals with career-focused accounting programs in order to better serve our clients.

Our Mission

Exceptional business, financial, and accounting solutions

I have always had the philosophy that my clients were not only my clients but they were my friends and family.  Clear Financial Advising, Inc. is here to not only pay attention to detail but a place to sit down and talk. We are a family within a family.  We are a company you can trust.  Clear Financial Advising, Inc., are here to work hard to save you time, money, increase profitability, and make your lives easier.  We are here all year long to address any questions you have.  You may have a potential deduction or a tax policy question that you wait until the end of year to ask.  At Clear Financial Advising, Inc., We strive to stay in contact throughout the year so that if other issues come up and we can help sooner than later- that is our approach.

Core Values

  • Clear Financial Advising fulfills its mission by upholding the following core values:
  • To be responsive and exceed client expectations
  • Absolute integrity and honesty in all relationships
  • Long-term success of clients, employees and the company
  • Family focused work environment
  • Commitment to the communities with time, talent and financial support
  • Continuous education and develop leaders
  • Efficient and effective use of technology